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Even though he’s anointed himself a Proprietor of the Salon Postisme and turned his spare bedroom into a Laboratory for conducting thought experiments, Prop O'Gandhi remains a misfit loser. He can barely make heads or tails of his own ideas, which for years he has been recording in his big three-ring Portality Notebook. He strives mightily to attain a grand synthesis, leading ultimately to the invention of a practical vehicle for achieving portalic transport across space and time. But Prop O’Gandhi is not a practical sort of fellow, and everything seems to conspire against him. Will a portal open at last, transporting Prop and his family to an alternate reality, or will it dig them deeper inside Prop O'Gandhi's troubling world?  

Author's Note: Structurally and thematically, Prop O’Gandhi is an extension of Time Out! while anticipating the three-ring circus of Before the Reckoning. I wrote a lot of O’Gandhi as we were preparing to move back to the States from France, anticipating the sense of being trapped and looking for a way out. Afterward I came to think of the book as a goofy haunted house story. Who’s crazy, these stories typically ask: the house, or the people who live in it? Maybe there’s a third possibility.

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