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Got questions about the Salon Postisme and the Suite of Fictions? You've come to the right place...Q&A!

What is the SalonPostisme?
The Salon Postisme is dedicated to the Suite of Fictions, eight books (so far) by author John Doyle. The site provides a platform for readers to access (i.e. download) the books as well as to engage with their themes.

What is the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions?
The Salon Suite is comprised of the eight books by John Doyle that are related via theme and topics. The Suite is not really linear in time nor strictly sequential in plot but they are progressive.

Who is John Doyle?
John Doyle is the author of the Salon Suite. You can read his profile here. You can also read John’s ideas about expanding the concept of fictions, alternatives to traditional publishing, new roles for readers and more at Ficticities.

Who is Prop?
There are various characters called “Prop” in the Salon Suite, each of whom serves as the Proprietor of a specialized version of the Salon. On the Salon Postisme website, the Prop is Anne Doyle. And, yes, Anne is the spouse of the author, John Doyle! You can read more about her.

What does "Get Different." mean?
"Get Different." is a theme that runs through all of the fictions in the Suite. Often there is another way to interpret, understand, configure or try something--an idea, an initiative, a way of life. "Get Different." encourages alternatives even if risky--sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It's a theme readers will engage on the Salon Postisme website and related social media.

What fictions in the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions are currently available?
Currently Time Out! and Prop O’Gandhi are available to readers free of cost from the Salon Postisme website. Each can be downloaded in the ebook formats, .epub or .mobi. (You might have noticed in the header of the Salon Postisme web pages that two of the cover images are slightly larger. The other six fictions have been written and mostly edited; they need to be formatted into ebooks.)

Why are the fictions NOT available on other book distribution sites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Smashwords?
These sites commodify books, selling them to readers one copy at a time. We would like books to move through the world in a different way – not as commodities but as cultural resources. Read more about decommodifying fictions on John’s website, Ficticities, giving special attention to the section on “Books”.

Why are Time Out! and Prop O’Gandhi available at no cost to the reader?
Because these books already occupy an alternate reality in which ebooks are made widely and freely available to readers. Maybe someday readers will organize themselves into libraries, their members downloading their own copies of the library’s acquisitions at no charge. Read about the reader-run duplicating Library idea here.

Why collect email addresses before the fictions can be downloaded?
Before you download the fictions we ask for your email address so that you can receive an email with a short-term link giving you access to the ebook files after you leave the website. We will also use your address to notify you of new releases (remember that there are six more books in the Suite to be released over the next few months) and about topics related to these books and reading. Hopefully, you will find all of these worthwhile but if not, you can unsubscribe at any time. Of course, we will keep your email address as safe and private as possible—no sharing with any others.

Please know that we don’t consider your email address as a trade for the books; rather, we assume that everyone who downloads the book will most likely become a reader and will want to stay in contact. And when you enjoy the books and feel that others would too, feel free to invite them to visit the website to download and read the books too.

Are there really more fictions to be released?
Yes! John has completed six more fictions, to be formatted soon as ebooks by Prop (a.k.a. Anne).

Will you contact me when new fictions are released?
Yes, it would be a pleasure to contact you! We collect your email address when you download a book and will use that to judiciously follow up (that means not too often to be annoying but often enough to invite you to engage with the fictions) with you. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time…but hopefully you won’t want to.

Is it okay to send other people to the website to download the books?

May I share the book file with other readers?
Unlike other commercial platforms, you can share the files with others without financial or technical or legal obstacles. Still, we would prefer that you refer interested readers to the Salon Postisme website so they can download the ebooks themselves. When readers download the books directly from the Salon Postisme we know more precisely how many folks have access to each fiction, where readers are located, AND then they will get emails about new releases, follow-ups, updates, etc. related to the fictions. It is possible in some future version of the alternate reality of book creation and sharing, we will ask readers to share book files; we’ll let you know. Until then, please refer other readers to the website.

Can I read the fictions without a dedicated ereader?
Yes. You can read the books on a computer or a smartphone as well as on an ereader. For some tips, take a look here.

May I write a review for Time Out! and Prop O’Gandhi?
Yes! We welcome reviews, comments, discussion of any kind about the book. There is currently a comment section on the pages featuring Time Out! and Prop O'Gandhi and we expect to feature reviews and comments in a special section soon.

Can I visit the Salon Postisme website again to interact with others about the fictions?
YES! Yes. And yes.

Does the Salon Postisme have a presence on social media?
Yes. Prop is exploring which venues offer readers the best opportunities to interact with the themes and ideas presented in the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions. Currently, you can find the Salon Postisme here:

What is the Scriptorium?
The Scriptorium for the Salon Postisme features the Suite of Fictions where you can read the extended descriptions of each of the currently available books as well as thumbnails for those to be released soon. “Scriptorium” is the term used to describe the places where medieval monks copied and illuminated books in monasteries--that's also why you'll find images from illuminated texts throughout the Salon Postisme. (Preview-but not a spoiler: A scriptorium will feature centrally in the seventh fiction, The Passion of the Void.)

What is Hey Kids!?
Hey Kids! closes each episode in Time Out! with some enticing offer to the reader. Whimsical and funny, these snippets are tangentially related to Avery’s adventures. We aspire for the Salon Postisme website to be this (and more) for the Suite of Fictions so the blog portion of the website heartily invites you, saying “Hey Kids!

More about this image here: https://www.pinterest.com/salonpostisme/