Prop (a.k.a. Anne)

A card similar to the one above plays an important role in the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions; using it here makes explicit my hope to engage the books in the Suite directly. Each time I read these books I feel that the world can be a different place, that it is possible to “Get Different.” And that’s important. So I am taking part in inviting others to read and experience the books.

I believe each of John Doyle’s works is excellent on its own and that the Suite is truly outstanding. Now, I realize (as his spouse) that I could be biased, and in fact, I probably am. But I want you to know my perspective. I’ll be working diligently (and I might ask you to help) to find well-matched readers for the books. That should be good for the books and good for the readers, don’t you think? Like John, I believe that excellent books are cultural resources that should be available to everyone—and since the Suite of Fictions is available at no cost, I hope that many, many, many people will read them!

These days e-books can be created, produced, distributed, and read without the need for agents, publishers, wholesale distributors, and retail sites, hence writers and readers can explore alternative ways of interacting with books AND with each other. The Salon Postisme will offer innovative ways of engagement between books, readers and writers. (You can read more about alternatives to traditional publishing on These new relationships will call for readers and writers to have new and different ("Get Different," remember?) roles in making and sharing books. We'll talk more about this in the Salon.

Join us in charting new territories of readership. I will be the Proprietor of this Salon (you’ll have to read the books to learn more and, yes, you can call me “Prop”) and John will interact as author when the occasions arise.

Welcome again to the Salon Postisme. Oh, what an adventure we’ll have!

Anne Doyle, Proprietor