Time Out! and Prop O'Gandhi are available for download now

Get different.” The invitation – advertised in a comic book, printed on a weathered index card, etched on an office door in an underground railway station – lures a select if idiosyncratic clientele to the Salon Postisme. Specialties of the house: portals, intervals, alternate realities. “Look out, not in,” the Proprietor advises as you embark on your pilgrimage. The trail veers and descends: are you heading toward the future or the past, into the world or out of it? Has the trail become a labyrinth, a Möbius, an ouroboros, the Void? You begin to notice that the strangers you meet along the way bear uncanny resemblances to yourself...

The invitation to “Get different” is extended to you, fellow reader.

Begin by downloading at no cost to you the first two ebooks of the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions, Time Out! and Prop O’Gandhi. Both ebooks are currently offered in .mobi or .epub formats; the other six fictions of the suite will be available to readers soon. The books are different and this way of sharing books is different (read more on the Q&A page) pointing to an alternative model for writers and readers to interact. (You can find out more about John Doyle's thoughts about writing, books, and reading on

Revisit the Salon Postisme (on this website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube) at any time to engage and explore with other readers also traversing the pilgrimage trail of themes—escape, discipline, pilgrimage, icons, creation, tunnels, looking out/not in, and, of course the “specialties of the house: portals, intervals, alternate realities”—of the Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions.

Welcome to the Salon Postisme! Let’s “Get different.”

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ebook Debut!

The Salon Postisme Suite of Fictions is proud to present

ebook cover for Time Out! by John Doyle  AND  ebook cover for Prop O'Gandhi by John Doyle

Available for download now at no cost (yep, free) to readers!!